26 Sep 2019


Light of the world is known for its  purpose of distinguishing itself from darkness and giving lightening to paths with intent to make people see the brightness needed for having a good headway to destinations. MMM COOPERATION has been like a light in providing brightness to darkness in financial world of people through means of Provide Help and Get Help. It has been good solid 9months that the wondering of MMM COOPERATION has been lightening he financial world from Russia to other parts of the world like Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Lesotho, Indonesia, Ghana, USA and many other countries of the world. As light has purpose of making the world being a better place through its functions, MMMC has same intention of making the world having a financial free society. 

The 9 months journey of MMMC is like of human creature developing into world, bringing joy that whole world would celebrate. It started with intention to make legacy of our dear friend Sergey Mavrodis' be on forever as he pursued all his life with mission to save the world from financial inequality. Now to a greater extent, MMMC innovation is second to none peer to peer scheme. We have been able to reduced the risk involved and thus gives us a sustainable scheme. It is just 9months of many years, it is like a beginning of great things that are to come. We have lots in our pipe for the sustainability of the program and we have vision to make MMM COOPERATION at household of the world from Europe - Asia - America - Australia and of course, Africa. Our mission is worldwide and we live by it on daily basis. 

Truly, many came with intention to siphon people's patrimony and used the name of Sergey Mavrodi's to scam people. Many of them have gone while some still spring up. The best to stay with is MMM COOPERATION as we are the real one with intention to make the vision of Sergey to be at hook and crannies of the world. We have no other mission than to use MMMC as a stepping stone to greater innovation of ours. 

Here comes the Shining light. Stay by the light in order to have brightness with you always. Financial brightness gives you good standard of living. We are celebrating a year soon, 9months has gone with incredible experience. We are MMM COOPERATION!! 

Register more people into the system. Honour your orders and participate with love. Be assured that we would never leave you, our mission is forever and our vision is for MMMC to be at every home. Continue being stakeholders

MMMC is the shining light. 9 cheers!!!!

Together we change the world.